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    Melanie Fontaine

    2nd November 2017

    First of all: Happy (belated) Birthday! And secondly: I love the dark and mysterious mood you have gone for with these images – they fit the season perfectly! 🙂

    But now on to the writing: I have often felt the same way as you have described here: Like time is passing me by without me having anything to show for it, like I should have achieved so much more in my life already. And just like you, I’m often not sure what exactly it is that I am supposed to be doing, what it is that I feel truly passionate about. Is it what I’m studying? Is it photography? Is it writing? Is it food? The answer sometimes seems to change weekly.
    But I think these days that’s actually fairly typical for someone of our age. It might have been normal in our parents’ generation to be perfectly settled at 25, but as the way we are educated and approach careers has changed over the years, so has the time in our lives when we start to do the same – but our expectations of what life is supposed to look like haven’t changed and that’s why we’re feeling so confused in our mid-twenties. At least, that’s my suspicion!
    I guess the only thing we can really do is follow our inclinations and not worry so much about how the different steps we take will build on each other. Eventually, we will be able to see that there was a common thread all along, but that takes time.

    Anyway, I hope these somewhat random thoughts make you feel a little bit less alone on this journey! 🙂 May 25 treat you well!


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      2nd November 2017

      Thank you, Melanie. I think you’re completely right, feeling this way is pretty normal for those of us in our mid-twenties and the best thing we can do is be kind and reflective and ride out this wave of confusion and doubt, as graciously as we can. xx

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    2nd November 2017

    It’s a funny age, 25, isn’t it? I remember feeling somewhat similar (and I can’t say I consider myself a ‘proper’ group-up even now, 8 years on!) I must say, well done though for sitting down and thinking through your goals, bit by bit. It’s easy to let yourself drift and then wake up and think “oh shit, I’m seventy, what did I do with my life?” Happy belated birthday too x

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      2nd November 2017

      Thanks, Rosie. It’s comforting to hear things have a way of sorting themselves out as we get older! Although maybe some of us will never feel quite like “proper adults” 😉 xx

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    4th November 2017

    Hiya! Happy belated birthday! I saw your post on Twitter, cane for the gorgeous photography, and am staying for your writing. I wish I were on my laptop so I could ramble about how much I agree with this entire post, but I’m not so I’ll keep it short.

    I turned 25 in July and feel this post 100%, but I haven’t been able to put my feelings into words myself. Thank you for doing it so well. 🙂 x

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    Emma Vincent

    11th November 2017

    I am turning 28 this month (this is the first year I haven’t been 100% how old I am… I keep having to work it out to check, maybe that’s a sign of trying to do too much or just getting older, I haven’t decided yet!) I still feel exactly the same, myself and my husband have moved in with my parents to try and figure out our freefalling path into the creative world… being brought up to believe a big corporate job meant you had made it, but, hell, who wants that life! Let’s be friends!