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    10th October 2017

    This is glorious Alex, I love it! As a couple you embody so many things I also believe about being in love with someone and I am simply amazed it has been a whole year since your beautiful wedding!! Alice xxx

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    11th October 2017

    What a beautiful post – words and pictures alike. Stunning. Also, I love the tattoo on your foot!

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    25th January 2018

    This was such a lovely post to read, and I related to it so much! My husband and I are going to be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary this year, and with both of us being 20 years old, EVERYONE was spouting those divorce statistics at us, and people do a double take when they see my ring, or I reveal that I’m married.

    Like you, we haven’t found the first year of marriage to be the stressful, honeymoon-phase-breaking year that everyone promised it would be. It makes me feel very naive to say this, and I feel like a lot of older married couples would just give me that look that says “just you wait”, but we’re really happy, and this year has been almost perfect if I’m honest.

    I think a lot of people feel quite negatively about marriage for many different reasons, and a lot of people have spoken very negatively to me about being married, especially at such a young age. But we just ignore them – there’s no room in our lives for people who tell us our marriage is going to fail.

    You don’t seem to be listening to the negativity either – I’m so happy for you and Matt! And these photos are gorgeous! This post really made me smile, thank you.