Watergate Bay Style Lighthouse Clothing Waterproof Rayna Beach

Watergate Bay Cornwall Beach Simple Natural Organic

matcha latte The Brew House Cornwall Porthleven Origin coffee

Watergate Bay Style Lighthouse Clothing Waterproof Rayna Beach

The Brew House Cornwall Porthleven Origin Coffee

Watergate Bay Style Lighthouse Clothing Waterproof Rayna Beach

Watergate Bay Style Lighthouse Clothing Waterproof Rayna Beach

The simple things

My word! These past few weeks have been so sunny and busy and dizzyingly wonderful, in a disorientating but joy-filled and oh-my-word-summer-is-coming kind of way. There’s been photoshoots and creative projects to-boot, that’ve had me driving over 800 miles and working more than just one 12 hour day. Naturally, I’d rather thought I’d be spending this week playing catch up; doing all the things I’d normally do, but haven’t had time for recently. Yet I tumbled straight into the Easter weekend with a bought of Laryngitis that the doctor said would need to be rested off for a week!

Fun Fact When you start a conversation by whispering, people will either whisper back so the whole conversation is whispered. Or if they’re on the phone, they will laugh. Even if said person is a doctor.

Still, I’m not really one to let a non-existent voice, mild ear ache, general cough and occasional temperatures hamper my plans too much. I mean I’m basically well from the neck down! If my voice isn’t back by tomorrow, I dare say we know why… *insert face palming monkey emoji here*

Still, with so much going on, I wanted to take an unhurried moment to take stock. There’s been more than one pinch me moment recently. More than one morning I’ve wanted to revel in the goldenness of it all. More moments too – both political and personal – that’ve had me questioning the future; when doubts and feelings of insecurity have had me struggling to see how things are going to work out. But holding these moments like marbles in my hands, seems to draw all my loose ends together…

Making plans for our vegetable patch. Huddled together in the Snug, filling up notebooks with lists and tips and things to remember. A trip to the garden centre for seeds, that ended up in us getting a table for food and laughing so loud (at what, I can’t remember) that we had to stop ourselves from being anti-social. You on the edge of the field, digging over our patch. And me, sat on the floor, repotting plants and starting to sew seeds.

A day in Wimborne that got me drunk on sunshine and ridiculous happiness and a deep love for life. I got go drive through the stunning beauty that is the South of Devon, make some brilliantly passionate new work friends, be shown around the grounds of Dean’s Court as well as enjoy a very hearty slice of lemon, marzipan and pistachio cake. I feel fizzy inside just knowing I get to return next month.

In a stripey swimsuit and straw hat, we picnicked on Porthcurno; on Brie and grapes, sundried tomatoes and a French stick. Later on we moved to bask on the clifftop rocks – doing our best to be discreet around the naturists. And finally, as the day drew in we went down to Pedn Vounder, just as the tide was getting low enough to allow access, to find we had it practically all to ourselves.

Waking up to each other’s slow blinking eyes in a room lit by sunrise. Our noses peeping just above the duvet, our alarm clocks yet to go off. Cosy and cuddly and happy to be awake before we need to be. Happy to be waking to such a sunny day.

Sitting in the Brew House in Porthleven. We’d decided to nip out one afternoon midweek in the search for meaningful time together. I got a matcha latte and you got a soft drink and together we watched the boats.

On a farm in the North of Cornwall, amidst work, we chased chickens and played with the cat; did our best to round up sheep and entice butterflies to us.

Receiving unexpected gifts in the post like a thick print magazine full of editorial photography I am in awe of. As well as a Moomin postcard from my sister, that I’m tempted to mount on the wall.

Driving (perhaps too far) with good friends – also a little under the weather – to treat ourselves to fancy sandwiches and an incredible view at Watergate Bay’s Living Space. Luckily my lack of voice didn’t matter too much. I love it when friendships – even friendships built upon great conversation – are comfortable with silence.

Trips to the Roseland and Dorset, to Bodmin and St Dominick; meeting new people as well as reconnecting with old friends. Discovering new nooks and crannies in Cornwall, that I didn’t know existed and diminishing any anxieties I had around driving in the process.

In a rather large fancy house I helped a baker-friend with the photographing of her Gallery Collection. Dressing up the scenery and sometimes dressing up myself. The day was long and fun and somewhat surreal; ending in delicious baked goods, which in retrospect is how I’d like to end most days.

It’s a notion that’s perhaps over-discussed to the point of cliche, but remembering the little things, the simple things, the small joys that light up the rest of your life like stars in the night – I can’t help but think there’s something significant about such a habit. Those more than the sum of their part moments; they’re worth holding in your hands every now and again.

“The motto I have Biro’d on my knuckles is that this is the best world we have – because it’s the only world we have. It’s the simplest maths ever. However many terrible, rankling, peeve-inducing things may occur, there are always libraries. And rain-falling-on-the-sea. And the Moon. And love. There is always something to look back on, with satisfaction, or forward to, with joy. There is always a moment where you boggle at the world – at yourself – at the whole, unlikely, precarious business of being alive – and then start laughing” – Caitlin Moran, Moranthology

Coat C/O Lighthouse // Top Topshop (similar) // Jeans Zara // Shoes TOMS // Bag White Stuff // Sunglasses ASOS

Watergate Bay Style Lighthouse Clothing Waterproof Rayna Beach

matcha latte The Brew House Cornwall Porthleven Origin coffee

Watergate Bay Style Lighthouse Clothing Waterproof Rayna Beach

Watergate Bay Cornwall Beach Simple Natural Organic

Watergate Bay Style Lighthouse Clothing Waterproof Rayna

Watergate Bay Cornwall Organic Natural Simple Slow Living Beach

Slow Living Cornwall Natural Organic Lighthouse Clothing Style Waterproof Rayna

Slow Living Cornwall Natural Organic Watergate Bay Style


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    23rd April 2017

    Haha love the fun fact about whispering! That gave me a giggle. These photos are so gorgeous and it sounds like you’ve had the best month – I’m a little bit jealous to be honest! 🙂 xx

    Anna | http://thecornishlife.co.uk

  2. Reply


    24th April 2017

    Thoroughly enjoyed this post! It made me smile and think of all the little joys in my own life over the past couple months that perhaps I didn’t savor enough. With summer around the corner, I have a long list of things I want to do. Laughing till my stomach aches is a definite must!

    xoxo – Kelly

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    26th April 2017

    That last quote is brilliant, and I think we all need to remember it sometimes! I feel currently so content amongst the chaos and more often than not catch myself smiling at something tiny, like being able to walk through the garden barefoot without chilly feet, or the smell of a tomato on the vine. Really insignificant details that just add up when you let yourself slow down enough to notice them! Alice xxx


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    8th May 2017

    Your writing is just…wow.