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    3rd December 2016

    All I can say is that it does get better. I’m turning 30 next birthday and I can honestly say I’ve never felt more grounded and comfortable in my own skin. The biggest thing I’ve learnt during my 20s I’d that very few of us ‘have it together’ in the way we think we ‘should’ when we’re younger. Letting go of that worry is the most freeing thing. My number 1 piece of advice to people in their 20s is to have more fun. You’re going to get older and more responsibilities will naturally fall onto your shoulders so take every opportunity to learn, have fun and seek adventure while you’re younger.

    Happy Birthday and I hope 24 (a lovely age really!) treats you well!

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    4th December 2016

    Im embarking on ticking off one of your adult inn list and I can promise you I definitely feel like it’s Childs play. Monopoly money, important conversations, planning DIY, none of it feels real! 24 has been a grand age for a lot of reasons so far, yet the feelings of unsettling discontent do seem to be present and all the ducks are yet to be lined up. Alice xxx

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    10th December 2016

    Hi Alex!
    Lovely post – both photographs abd depth of writing went under my skin!! The period between 27-29 is no easy time, as Saturn is returning to his position of one’s birth… But you are really growing up. That’s the end of the apprenticeship so to speak. So enjoy!!!:)
    X finja |