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Oh sweet Sunday. You are fair and fine. Whilst I’m still slow and silent and slightly sore, in a puffy not-even-coffee-will-wake-me-up-kinda-way. A ray of sunshine lies on our bed. Our sheets in the wash. Duvet, piled with pillows in the middle of the mattress and I lie sprawled in the middle of it all; marvelling at these lines of sunshine that have fallen on our bed in a similar fashion.

Sunday’s sky is blue. And on the coffee table, there’s a pile of Christmas cards waiting to be written. There’s holly from the garden, a messy ball of  candy cane striped twine and some paper bags I’m yet to add to our washing-line-advent-calendar. Matt is outside, in wellies, off to rowing. And I am blanket-wrapped, thinking I may go for a walk later. There’s some birthday cake wrapped in a napkin sitting in my satchel. And I quite fancy snacking on, sitting on some sunny, crisp clifftop, looking out to the sea.


Last weekend we went to Potager. Mostly because Matt wanted to play table tennis. But Saturday also happened to be our anniversary (well pre-wedding relationship anniversary) so that seemed like an especially good excuse to treat ourselves. Saturday also happened to be a particularly rainy day, in the most beautiful way; light and grey and filmy and fae. And sat in a glasshouse we watched the rain from below. Matt munching on frittata, whilst I sipped garlicky-Mediterranian-mushroom soup and peppermint tea. Sky tears trickling down windows. We warmed right through by the hearty log burner twenty paces away.

Once our bellies were full we waddled over to the adjoining greenhouse and proceeded to hog the table tennis table for an indecent amount of time. In our defence almost all other visitors present were children and parent’s taking part in a Christmas scavenger hunt, so I don’t believe anyone else would’ve put the table to such good use. Although at one point we were joined by a knee-high-three-person audience of spectators-come-ball-boys, one of whom gave a particularly humorous running commentary on the match!

Still in good time we humbly resigned our bats and withdrew ourselves from the table. And we continued our wanderings. Me snapping away on my camera. Both of us speculating over how we’d do Christmas this year. It’s our first together in Cornwall. We’ve started the inevitable alternating between our families and this year we’re in Cornwall. Which is another first for me! Still without any pre-existing traditions in place, we knew now was a good to chat about what we wanted our Christmases to look like from here on in. What festive customs did we want totake into the future?

More about that in posts to come! But for now, let me know in the comments below what your Christmas traditions or customs look like. And whether they change with the people or family you spend the holidays with.

Hat Zara // Top Free People // Scarf Zara (similar) // Skirt Thrifted (similar) // Wellies Farm Shop

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  1. Reply


    11th December 2016

    One of my all time favourite places! Very tempted to take mum again for lunch on Friday, are they still open other than just weekends do you know? Alice xxx

    • Reply


      12th December 2016

      Hey Alice ^_^ I do believe they’re open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-5pm xxx

  2. Reply


    11th December 2016

    These photos are so beautiful!

    Abigail Alice x

  3. Reply

    Melanie Fontaine @ Journey & Camera

    13th December 2016

    Hi Alex,

    first of all, I’m loving your outfit in this post! I just discovered your blog through Sarah’s Instagram account last week and have spent a good chunk of time reading through your older posts ever since and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your pictures and your writing. I’m not from the UK, but have a deep love for the British countryside and so your posts are a great treat for me! 🙂 As for Christmas traditions, I usually try to spend a few days over the holidays with my family and a few with my boyfriend’s who live in a different part of Germany. Eventually we might adopt the approach you and Matt are taking, though, so I’m interested to hear how the two of you will find your Christmas celebration this year.

    I hope you’re having a great day so far! 🙂