Kestle Barton Manaccan Cornwall Wedding Bath Decor

Kestle Barton Manaccan Cornwall Wedding

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Kestle Barton Manaccan Cornwall Wedding

Kestle Barton Manaccan Cornwall Wedding

Cornish Cutting Garden Artichoke

Kestle Barton Manaccan Cornwall Wedding Dress

Before I Do…

Almost one week ago now I got married. And what they say is true, the day went by so fast. Even though the day itself was relaxed unhurried, the sun still seemed to glide through the sky with greater speed that afternoon. The months and weeks and days leading up to it flew by too. In fact I’m not sure any year of my life has gone faster – whether that’s due to my perception of time changing as I age, or the fact I had a monthly wedding-related-to-do-list to be cracking on with – I can’t be certain. Either way I  can think of no more appropriate song, to act as a soundtrack to this post than this

Right now I’m in Ireland, somewhere up in the mountains near Killarney National Park. Writing this on a sofa, still in my PJ’s with a blanket over my toes and coffee parked next to them. Time is perhaps slowing now. Allowing for mornings spent lazily; for hot drinks and long showers and meandering morning walks. For time to breath after what felt like a final sprint of a summer.

In those last months, my working hours on the farm increased to full-time and almost all free evenings were spent doing wedding admin or making DIY-decor bits; visiting vendors to sort out last-minute details and occasionally just crashing on the sofa to watch mindless E4 re-runs and nap. For my own sanity I decided to hold off on blogging in this season; balance and mental equilibrium did not have room for this blog. Still I couldn’t be stopped from taking a few snaps in the wedding-planning-process, but I knew editing (writing, publishing and all other manner of technical WordPress palaver) could wait!

As our actual wedding week rolled around, we made our last visit to the Cornish Cutting Garden. Admittedly (along with our final meeting with our caterer) this was one of my favourite parts of wedding planning. Getting to see all that Clare had been growing and drying – stringing up on washing lines and starting to construct in galvanised buckets – turned any nerves I had, into frothy warm joy. To see months of planning tangibly take shape; for things to finally physically come together, can be both anxiety-inducing and pure excitement. It’s certainly been bizarre at times, to spend so many months envisioning an event that you can’t picture for certain. Attempting to style our site in my mind, guessing how it will all fall into place, generally had me retreating to several cosy Pinterest boards filled with limitless inspiration and back-up ideas! Yet one look at Clare’s artichokes and hanging herbs and I was at peace in the knowledge we were on the same wavelength. My wedding flowers were in great, green-thumbed hands!

Later in the week – before we were into our crazy countdown last days – a little pampering was also to be enjoyed. Some friends from church threw both Matt and I a rather impromptu Hen and Stag. For me the night was fuelled with cheese and wine and chocolate. And (to the best Jack Johnson playlist) they manicured me some rather fancy gold gel french tipped fingernails, that I was reassured would last both the heavy duty days to come and our outdoorsy honeymoon in Ireland! A little later on in the week and I met with my family as they travelled down, at Merchant’s Manor in Falmouth. My sister (and bridesmaid) and I indulged in massages at The Linen Rooms spa and a rather artistically arranged dinner. In the midst of panicked emails, long inky-fingered afternoons and 2am bedtimes, such luxuries felt like little lifelines; giving me space to breathe and take a break and shake any stress from my bones.

Now like I said, the day is over. So much planning and prepping – making and mending of last-minute mishaps – and just like that it’s done. Hopefully in the coming months (as our photographs arrive!!) I can share it all with you. The details, the DIY’s, the course of the day itself. Still please let me know in the comments if there’s anything you’d particularly like me to cover. If there’s any weddingy-posts you’d love to see or if you have any wedding-related questions, feel free to just jot them down below ^_^

Kestle Barton Manaccan Cornwall Wedding

Cornish Cutting Garden Cornwall Vegetable Patch

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Kestle Barton Manaccan Cornwall Wedding Dress

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Cornish Cutting Garden Artichoke Cornwall


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    24th September 2016

    It had to have been on of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen, and ever will see. I hope you’re having the loveliest of times in Ireland! ❤️

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    24th September 2016

    Hope you’re having a lovely time away! Can’t believe it’s been a week already! <3

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    24th September 2016

    Such a beautiful wedding, and I was so honoured to be invited! Hope you’re having the most fantastic honeymoon! Looking forward to seeing you when you’re back! Alice xxx

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    24th September 2016

    Beautiful photos and a massive congratulations, sounds just magical xx

    Hannah | Oh January

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    26th September 2016

    Wow those are gorgeous photos! It looks so beautiful, you did an amazing job planning! A huge congrats too! Very exciting time!