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    17th July 2016

    Beautiful words Alex, and stunning photography as always!

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    Amelia May

    17th July 2016

    This is all so beautiful. From words to photographs … you do have a gift…both you and your friend, Sarah.

    Best wishes …
    Keep Calm and start writing …


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    18th July 2016

    Beautiful photos! What a charming place, too.

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    Angela Taylor

    18th July 2016

    Such fantastic writing. Have you thought about writing a romantic novel? You and Sarah are obviously like minded souls. Angela Taylor

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      24th July 2016

      I would love to write a novel, Angela – in fact there are several already started in the documents on my computer! But yes, any story I write would probably have some form of romance and love story in it – as I find these relationships have had a huge influence in my life and person. Although I don’t think the whole story would be dedicated to the love story – I’d need some adventure or bigger-life-lessons in there too 😉 xx

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    18th July 2016

    Your blog is such a breath of fresh air Alex! Together your words and photos are captivating, they always make me want to escape from London and get down to the seaside. xx

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    18th July 2016

    I can relate to that feeling so very, very much. All my previous relationships were the same: intense and sudden. Tom and I was slow and steady, but better and happier and far more romantic. 🙂

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    20th July 2016

    I love your description of the light (really lovely) and then giving us a peek inside your winding conversation. I hope to find a love like this one day. Really beautiful words <3


    ps. Also I love the polkadots.

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    13th August 2016

    What a beautiful little post! I would love to live somewhere called the lizard! How cool! xx

    Nicole x

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    Tamsyn Elizabeth

    14th August 2016

    A beautiful post <3 Your photos are stunning! I absolutely love Lizard, don't go there as often as I'd like to!

    Tamsyn Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear