Whilst I’m no beauty blogger, I am partial to a good environmentally-conscious, humanely-manufactured toiletry or two. So I thought why not give a little recognition on here to some eco-focused, all-natural beauty companies. And where better to start than Lush!? A mindful, ethical and proactive organisation, that uses raw, organic ingredients and tirelessly campaigns to see a fairer more honest future in an otherwise quite corrupt industry. Seriously guys, top marks.

For the past few years I’ve had long(er) hair and quickly found it simply cannot be maintained in the same way as the classic bob of my childhood. Originally I was an everyday hair-washer. With fine, oily hair who wouldn’t be?! But now, with hair past my shoulders, I soon found that frequent washes stripped the lengths of moisture; leaving my ends dry and dull and damaged. Harsh products and daily hair-washes took out all the volume, leaving it wiry and full of split ends. And it sounds like one of those terrible celebrity-sponsored adverts, but this is where Lush comes in.

There are five Lush products that have become my haircare-holy-grail; my go-to products that produce consistently significant, noticeable results. Full of scent and lacking the synthetic feel of most traditional haircare toiletries; these tiny tubs have nourished my lengths, reduced the amount of oil produced by my roots, added volume to my otherwise fine hair and had many friends and family asking me what I’m doing differently now. Plus now as a once-a-week hair washer, this new routine reduces the amount of toiletries I go through in a year, which overall reduces how much money I spend on my hair – not to mention how much time was spent washing and blow-drying and styling!



H’suan Wen Hua

Not gonna lie, I’m not 100% on how this one is pronounced! But this pre-wash treatment has been a firm favourite of mine for over two years now. Packed with fresh avocado, bay leaf oil, egg whites, bananas, and cinnamon, it’s rich in protein as well as having a deliciously sweet-spicy scent.

Although the tub says it can be used on the scalp to help stimulate growth, at the moment I only use it on my lengths; massaging it from below my ears to the tips about 20-30 minutes before washing. It’s not the most intense of Lush’s conditioning treatments, but it definitely hydrates and nourishes dry ends. Plus I’ve had many people ask me what perfume I’m wearing, when actually I used this treatment the night before.


I first invested in Damaged when I found it’d been a week since my last hair wash and there wasn’t a hint of oil in the lengths of my hair. Whilst the roots were ready for a wash, I knew doing so would strip the rest of my hair of moisture it didn’t have, leaving it even dryer than it already was and most probably ready to break into a million split-ends.

After reading about this hot oil-treatment online I picked it up in the Oxford Street Store whilst in London with Sarah. It’s an incredibly thick and rich hot oil that brings deep replenishment. As my hair isn’t super long I snap the treatment in half or quarters, then place the pieces in an old lush pot, pour boiling water over them and stir with the wooden stick it comes with. Once it’s cooled and thickened somewhat, I slather it onto lengths for at least half an hour before washing. I might use this once every 6-8 weeks (it is that hydrating) so I’d estimate one damaged-pop will last me around 4-6 months.




Admittedly I don’t use this product as religiously as the others. I’ve not found LUSH’s shampoos to be quite as transformative as their conditioning counterparts. However when I saw what a remarkable difference natural conditioners were having on my hair, I knew the time to go au naturale with my shampoo had arrived.

After trying a range of their gel shampoos, I settled upon LUSH’s circular shampoo bars. They lather up much more easily in my hands (so I don’t need to use as much) and as a result I’ve found one bar (used once a week to every five days) will last me 4 to 5 months! To date Seanik has been my bar of choice. Filled with seaweed, lemon juice and sea salt, it’s left my scalp feeling refreshed and even added a little extra volume. I’m also quite a fan of the Big Blue bath bomb; anything salty and sea-like and I’m there.


There was once a time in my life (circa 2008) when I didn’t even use conditioner. My hair was fine and oily, so I felt it was soft (and flat) enough without it. Now conditioning treatments are at the centre of my hair care routine and I cannot get enough. Yes I’ve genuinely become the kind of person who relishes the night they wash their hair. It’s become a bit of a ritual that’s both theraputic and perhaps obsessive. Anyway I digress, Retread is currently my conditioner of choice. And full of agar gel, fresh cantaloupe melon, soya milk, avocado oil, organic yogurt, jojoba oil and extra virgin olive oil, it’s thick and creamy and is designed to add shine and strength. And I love it.


If you’d told me 5 years ago that I’d be using a moisturizer for my hair I would not have believed you. But it’s true. Times have changed and I now understand that oil is not the enemy. R&B (which in this instance stands for revive and balance) is an extremely rich blend of natural oils and butter; specifically avocado butter, extra virgin coconut oil and oat milk. Again it’s super thick, super creamy and full of nourishing-goodness.

Once or twice a week I’ll rub a tiny pea-sized amount between my fingers, before brushing that through my lengths, particularly at the ends. For me this keeps things looking healthy and bit more luscious. Since I only use a tiny amount each week I’d estimate that I’d use one maybe two pots of this a year – which I think justifies the heftier price tag on this product!

6 (2)

Finally the last thing I’ve gained from Lush is the lesson of not being too rigid in my routine. Before I was a daily shampoo-conditioner-done kinda girl. Now I find it’s better to react to how my hair feels. To add oil when it’s needed and to wash it when there’s oil throughout. To choose a treatment based upon the condition of my lengths and allow for heat and styling products on occasions when my hair can handle it. To react, rather than to simply go through the motions.

In general I’m finding when treated with natural products, my skin and hair are noticeably healthier. So whilst I don’t get too bogged down in beauty do’s and don’t’s, I do try to stick to that one golden (or perhaps I should say green) rule.


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    19th June 2016

    I haven’t ever used haircare from Lush before, just their skin care. This made me very curious, maybe I’ll have to throw some of these into my next order! 🙂

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    19th June 2016

    I’ve actually never tried anything from Lush before other than bath bombs. I always go in and get so overwhelmed by choice, so thanks for sharing these! I’ll keep my eyes out for them next time I’m shopping 🙂

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    20th June 2016

    I am a big Lush fan but have never tried out any of their hair products so this is a such useful guide to point me in the right direction, thanks! I think Damaged or R&B will be first on my list to check out. Also I totally agree that natural products make such a difference to both my hair and skin, don’t think I could ever go back to conventional beauty now!

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    20th June 2016

    Since I cut my hair shorter, it’s definitely got greasier far quicker which is so irritating as I have gone from a wash every 3-4 days to feeling like it needs it every day. I’m looking for a shampoo conditioner combo that will stop it getting so greasy so quickly – of these which would you recommend? Alice xx


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      24th July 2016

      Hmmmmm… my hair is naturally oily and I’ve kind of accepted it’ll get greasy relatively quickly. But one of the main things I do to stop myself washing it too frequently (and damaging the ends) is using Batiste’s dry shampoo. Often the day after washing it or the day after that, I’ll spray some in and find that’ll keep my hair relatively oil-free for another 1-2 days. xx

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    Elizabeth Rose

    20th June 2016

    I tried their shampoo bars, but both of mine crumbled and I felt like I wasted a lot of product. Damaged, however, is now next on my to buy list because I definitely get dehydrated ends that will split and hinder growth. 🙁