In Spring at the End of the Day You Should Smell Like Dirt – Margaret Atwood

In a calm, sunny, Sunday afternoon kinda way, life feels quite nice right now. There’s a seasonally appropriate spring cleaning going on, a whole summer ahead to look forward to and I’ve had a few magical days this month, with those soul-connecting friends who just restore your faith in everything. Whilst there’s a whole host of things niggling in the back of my mind, right now I am quietly contented. Life feels a little like a perpetual golden hour; silent and still and full of midges that glow in the slow setting sun. Although it’s messy and mixed up, right now I am pretty at peace with the picturesque and imperfect thing that is my life.

It’s April after all. Days have been getting milder and evenings have been getting lighter. And I’ve found myself going and about without a coat or care. It’s that time of year when gorse is blooming on the coast paths and primroses are appearing in hedgerows and it’s now difficult to go out on walks without Matt stopping to eat garlic flowers or I stopping to taking snaps. The little pony down my lane is now allowed outdoors to play again and I’ve broken into some of the more summery items in my wardrobe. Que Ted & Muffy Cobweb sandals.

As someone with slightly more slender feet and ankles I am always on the look-out for brands that cater for specific foot shapes and sizes. And fairytale fitters Ted & Muffy, do just that. These lace-up gladiator sandals from their Spring collection (in a size 6 narrow) are ideal. Snug and stylish and easily worn to any occasion, with almost any outfit, I can see these flats adorning my feet for months to come.

Admittedly whilst I may have been heading out the house in these sandals, I’ve also been taking them off and going barefoot whenever I can. In summer I like to let my feet breathe. Maybe that’s a tad weird, but I like to think we can all identify with that suffocating feeling of sleeping in socks? Well this is just like an extension of that.

During my time at university I read a lot about the health benefits of spending time in the natural world and being near green spaces. And I’ve heard it mentioned many times that earthing (walking on soil, grass, sand or any natural surface) is valuable to our well-being. It’s thought that just 10 minutes of earthing a day can help lower our stress and blood pressure, it can help us sleep better at night and boost our immunity. It can improve our balance and flexibility. And reduce our risk of getting diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Whilst I wonder if these results are partly due to the fact earthing is simply exercise in the natural world, it’s still interesting research and if anything great news overall. But honestly, I’d do it without the incentive. Regardless of what’s going on inside me – feeling the earth between my toes, encountering the world through my soles, gaining a new understanding of my environment through a more grounded perspective –  that’s really incentive enough.

Hat ASOS (similar) // Vest Top Vero Moda // Jeans Thrifted // Sandals C/O Ted & Muffy



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    Sarah Porteus

    18th April 2016

    Ahhh I have exactly the same feeling about this April too! I'm so excited for all the adventures ahead, and yet I'm not looking forward in any way – I am simply enjoying these perfect, golden moments ^_^ There must be something magical in the air!
    My sense of well being right now (despite ALL of the deadlines happening as of tomorrow) is very zen and tiny things are bringing me immense joy 🙂

    Beautiful outfit – I've also just invested in high waisted jeans. So much better for the hips-and-boobs kind of girl! Low waisted jeans have put me off wearing trousers for years but hooray for the return of 80's/90's high waisted styles ^_^

    Those shoes are dreamy too. There is a Ted & Muffy in Bath but I've always assumed it's too pricey for me and never gone in >.<

    Look forward to seeing you soon! xxx

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      Alex Barker

      19th April 2016

      ^_^ Right now I feel so busy with wedding planning, photography work, blog stuff, room renovations, writing projects, general life admin – but it's all such wonderful and exciting things, that well even if life is hectic right now, it's also pretty amazing. And I am too excited for your return and my trip to Bath before that happens! ;D xxx

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    18th April 2016

    I love those shoes – I've searched all over for narrow fitting shoes and thought it was an elusive dream, I'll need to check them out! Gorgeous pictures, so glad you're getting lovely weather down there 🙂

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    Olivia Bossert

    18th April 2016

    Spring really is just the best time of the year! I ADORE walking around barefoot in summer. If I could, I would go everywhere barefoot… but then shoes are one of my vices. For some people it's handbags, for me it's shoes. Yours are super cute!

    You look beautiful, as always <3 xxx

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    Claire S

    18th April 2016

    The best thing about spring is finally being able to get outside again in the longer evenings – I'm loving it!! <3

    Gisforgingers xx

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    Jessica MC

    18th April 2016

    Oh my gosh, those shoes are gorgeous! Like Sarah said, is never think of going into ted & muggy but I may have to now!
    I love the idea of going barefoot and feeling the earth beneath your feet, especially as a way to feel more relaxed – the beach is always a good idea for doing that 🙂
    Miss you, see you soon xxxx

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    21st April 2016

    Wowee look at the bottom of those sandals, that's a selling point in itself, they're beautiful! The light in these photos is gorgeous, and I've especially enjoyed the ponies too! Plus, can I just point out that those jeans make your bum look incredible! Ha, marginally sounding like a perv, but it had to be said! I spend about 90% of my day without shoes on if I can, even under my desk I always slip them off, shoes just feel restricting, and one of the best things about warmer days is walking around outside barefoot without freezing your toes off! Alice xx

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    21st April 2016

    It's so interesting to hear about the health benefits of walking barefoot on natural surface! I can definitely understand why. I always love doing it in the Summer, but the rest of the year it never happens.

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

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    22nd April 2016

    One word: Gorgeous. 🙂

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    26th April 2016

    Lovely photos and outfit.