It’s that time again. I’ve stumbled across a few bits and pieces lately that I cannot stop raving about; bit’s and pieces that I consider worth sharing. From beauty products to magazines, podcasts to penmanship-stationary there’s quite a mix of bits, and hopefully something to pique the interest of everyone. So without further ado let’s begin…

Aphrodite Face Oil & Fortifying Green Bath Potion C/O Magical Organic Apothecary

Natural Beauty

It takes a lot for me to switch up my beauty routine. I’ve sensitive skin, prone to both oily breakouts, dryness and eczema. So I tend to keep things simple and natural. And well like I said, it takes a lot for me find anything that works well enough to be added to my routine. But after only four days of using MOA’s Aphrodite facial oil before bed, I knew it was a keeper. Scented with rose hip it smells just like Turkish delight, plus despite being oil-based (as someone with oily skin) it soaks in really easily. In the morning my skin is soft and supple and well-hydrated; redness is reduced and blemishes – well blemishes aren’t reduced – but they’re also certainly not increased, which still feels like a victory!

When it comes to baths I’m starting to consider myself a connoisseur. They are my go-to comfort; for de-stressing, for winding-down, for simply escaping everything for a few minutes. And when it comes to what goes in the baths, I’ve been experimenting with all the options: oils, salts, bubbles, bombs. And I must say, MOA’s Fortifying Green Bath Potion is a very welcome addition to my repertoire. Filled with peppermint, fennel, fir needle and sweet birch oils, it’s got a strong remedy feel to it. Immersing with the steam it’s a dream to breathe in deeply; clearing the head and lungs and just filling you with calming, refreshing, goodness!

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Belle Calligraphy Kit // Nib & Ink Book

Handwriting is something I’ve loved since school. Apologies, I’m that person. But curating my own style of lettering is something I find not only enthralling but also calming and theraputic. Naturally when modern calligraphy came to my attention, I wanted to know more.

What with wedding stationary currently being written and further signs to be made, I decided it was time to get a handle on this beautiful-writing-biz. And where better to start than with this kit and book! Between the two of them, I’ve not only got the pen, ink and paper-resources, but plenty of chapters on the actual how-to. Hello hundreds of happy hours of handwriting! ^_^

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Freckle Magazine

“We are good at telling stories in Northern Ireland. It’s in our culture, around our campfires, at our kitchens tables. But it can feel like the media is dominated by negative stories […] We think it’s a great place to live, and there are so many people who love their home, who are sticking their neck out and doing what makes them feel alive. People are carving our their own stories in a time of grim predictions for the future of our planet; they are living sustainable, peaceful, creative lives. We want to tell stories of what is really going on in Northern Ireland, practising slow journalism that documents and delves into the spirit of our times”

Freckle is an independent magazine about the people, landscapes and livelihoods of Northern Island. And whilst it’s admittedly rare that I’ll find myself reading magazines these days, I will always make an exception for Freckle. Full of truly sublime photography, with articles on yoga, foraging, community radio stations, eco-homes, gardening, coffee and camping – in the word’s of Matt – I can’t help but feel like this magazine was made for me. 10/10.

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Do Lectures

Recently I’ve stopped listening to the radio quite so much and started listening to more podcasts, TED Talks, YouTube interviews, audiobooks and other creative channels. When I’m doing my make-up or applying another coat of paint to the wall, I’ll stick on a talk or click play on a podcast and get lost for half an hour in the ideas being discussed.

Whilst at university I discovered a body of talks called The Do Lectures. Based on the notion of ‘ideas worth sharing’, they’re similar in set-up to Ted Talks, but specifically for do-ers, disrupters and change-makers. Each talk is around 20 minutes in length and based on the categories of categories of creativity, environment, well-being, adventure, soul food and founder wisdom. I think it goes without saying, I really think these videos are well worth a watch!


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    Smile, Snap, Sparkle

    1st May 2016

    Calligraphy set looks so beautiful, wish I had one too! 🙂

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    5th May 2016

    wow these are so lovely, a parcel of all of them would be great, thanks! 😉 I LOVE the calligraphy, tempted to get myself a set! I also really need to get into podcasts, I spend so long in the car and the radio is a bit crap! Alice xx

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    Kimbers Maria

    7th May 2016

    Hey, I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog award because I really enjoy your posts and your style of writing. If you'd like to take part head over to my blof to see the 'rules'.
    I feel like I'm abit late to the party in regards to podcasts, but have now switched my usual clubby running tracks to podcasts and find it a welcome distraction!

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    12th September 2016

    Calligraphy set looks so beautiful