Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day – A.A. Milne

January’s got me thinking. Or perhaps rethinking I should say. Rethinking my place in this online-realm, not to mention rethinking my time in the real-world; what I’m working towards and how I’m managing my time. Goodness knows how slippery the days feel; sliding through my fingers like sand.

Sometimes I wish there was one set linear path; a line of stepping stones for me to follow. Simply one step after the next. But in my experience life just isn’t like that. It’s messy and meandering. Which can be frustrating, because meandering towards an end goal feels so much less productive or efficient than charging towards it. And well I tend to feel guilty about meandering; about taking things slow. Partly because in our our society we really value productivity. After all progress and “growth” are the founding principles of our economy; the way we function as a civilization. People who aren’t seen to be productive aren’t looked upon particularly favourably. And whilst I’m not here to knock productivity (goodness knows how wonderful a getting-all-the-shiz-done-kinda-day feels!) I would challenge that viewpoint. Because honestly I think it’s okay to meander – at whatever age or “life stage” you’re at. It’s okay to get lost along the way – it’s not a waste of time – we’re all fumbling our way through, trying to make sense of things. Whilst I might need some productive days to reach my end goal, productivity ultimately isn’t my end goal.

The best advice I was given this January was to look out the window more often. To really stop and  think. Let your mind wander till it’s free of to-do lists and noise, and let go. Think of the bigger picture and get some perspective; or just daydream and let your mind be silly; play with the concepts that tumble into your head. Sometimes these moments lead to our best ideas. Sometimes they just restore some peace of mind. Either way they’re not a waste of time – not that that’s we should be losing sleep over anyway.

Now can we talk about what I’m wearing for just a mo? The way I feel about this co-ord set is akin to how I felt about PJs as a kid – can I just wear them all the time!? The set is swishy and sassy; elegant and classic. Just the right amount of vintage-styling without looking like I’m going to a fancy dress party. Admittedly I was somewhat uncertain about about the top at first; a boxy crop that cuts me off at the shoulder and hangs from my bust, is potentially going to make the rest of me appear E cup diameter. But no, it’s really quite flattering!

In fact I wore it last weekend to a wedding at Penmorvah Manor, replacing my wellies with some flat black ghillies. Although it was the wedding of dear friends – who insisted I was first and foremost a guest – I was also their photographer for the day. For such as task, this outfit was ideal. Super comfy and practical, with deep pockets that discretely hide spare batteries – not to mention a skirt that hides an ample wedding-cake-food-baby – it really was perfect for 12 hours on my feet! Now I’m jumping on any excuse to whip it out of my wardrobe. Slightly dressy pancake day anyone?

Co-ord Set C/O Alice’s Pig // Fedora Catarzi // Cardigan Zara // Coat Miss Patina




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    Jasmin Charlotte

    5th February 2016

    I definitely think wondering and daydreaming is the best way to think up ideas and work through problems! I love the outfit too – gorgeous print!

    Jasmin Charlotte

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    Brittany Hotte

    5th February 2016

    Your photos are to die for! And I love your outfit! I've been feeling the same way! Wanting to just be free and not worry about the small things! I'm looking to travel a lot this year to help myself feel "free."
    I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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    5th February 2016

    The outfit is gorgeous and I love how you've layered it to go with the winter weather!

    Kate X


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    Alyse (J.X.L.) / Lumière & Lens

    5th February 2016

    We do live in a society that really values productivity, but I agree, we need to take time out to think about where we're going. Also to find peace and quiet within ourselves.

    The best clothes are the ones that hide food babies. Those are my personal favorite items 😉

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    Sarah By The Sea

    5th February 2016

    This is SO TRUE. There is so much pressure on us all to be as productive as we can be, ALL THE TIME. You know what? I've never once questioned this. I spend alot of time being slow and drifty and always feeling guilty for it. It just takes someone to say 'You know what? There's nothing wrong with taking it slowly' to make us all think: 'actually yeah, what am I rushing for?'. Time goes far too quickly anyway, surely it makes more sense to savour each and every day. Bah humbug to to-do lists and pressure, Cornwall life doesn't really work that way anyway.
    What a great topic for thought.
    Really enjoyed this 🙂

    Also, love the Coords on you. They're so swish ^_^


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    Olivia Bossert

    5th February 2016

    This really spoke to me. I put myself under so much pressure to work hard every day, to the point where at the end of the day I can physically feel my heart racing and my breathing quickening because I'm so exhausted and over worked that my body is desperate for me to stop! That happened today and at 5 I stopped everything, closed my laptop and doodled. I haven't done that in years (as we discussed the other day!) and it felt amazing. I'm going to try to stop more, and listen to my body more because ideas DO come when you stop and relax. 🙂 also, you look absolutely gorgeous!

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    Claire S

    6th February 2016

    I love this two-piece! It is really gorgeous on you and also so unique. Perfect for a wedding <3

    Gisforgingers xx

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    6th February 2016

    What a gorgeous outfit and location!! That house is just gorgeous <3

    hellomissjordan.com xx

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    7th February 2016

    Nice post! I have to agree that stopping to look out the window smell the roses is a great way to inspire your day, as an artist I do it all the time. I try not to fret about productivity as I find that is a sure way for me not to get inspired to do anything and especially at the beginning of the year when the weather is grey and rainy I find I am at my lowest point, so to kick back and just observe all the beauty around me helps so much :).

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    7th February 2016

    Beautiful outfit and beautiful photos! And I completely agree. It's so important to just stop and appreciate where you are right now, even though it's difficult with the pressure from everywhere to just achieve and do all of the things.

    Mimmi xx Muted Mornings

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    Polly Balitro

    8th February 2016

    Truly beautiful outfit and photographs. I'm glad I've stumbled upon this blog!

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    9th February 2016

    I love this post Alex! and you look absolutely gorgeous in that co-ord! 🙂 xo

    Jess | http://www.jessica-cece.blogspot.co.uk

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    Carmen Varner

    14th February 2016

    These photos are utterly divine & I love the bright coordinate set. It truly is important to look out the window more & be present for what is all around us. Daydreaming can certainly lead to our best ideas. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

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    15th February 2016

    Your skin is unbelievably flawless! You are such a beauty! Alice xx