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    6th December 2015

    I love your jumpsuit it suits you so well! And those biscuits look so delicious! I also really like this "happiness tag", it's such a nice way to spread happiness!
    Jennifer | Pretty as Summer

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    6th December 2015

    This is a beautiful post, the list made me smile and I agree with it all too. The playsuit looks lovely on you.

    Emma Xx

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    6th December 2015

    That playsuit is beautiful and I agree with you entirely on the 'happiness tag' 🙂 xx

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    6th December 2015

    Lovely post Alex, I agree with all your 'Happiness is' points, but I also agree with your other point too. Sometimes I feel like we indulge a little too much in our own happiness, especially when so much of the world is in darkness at the moment.

    On a lighter note though, those biscuits looks delicious. Don't suppose you have s recipe? 🙂


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    7th December 2015

    If i'm honest, I'm somewhat surprised you followed the tag, it's one that I sat on for months and months without drafting or even thinking about a post. I do agree that indulging in self absorbed happiness is negative, whereas sometimes reminding ourselves about the good things, no matter how simple a pleasure they may be, actually makes us appreciate things we sometimes overlook. I love your list of happy things, after all, holding onto moments of happiness can help bring appreciation and clarity of the bigger picture, even in the bleakest times. Alice xx

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    7th December 2015

    Happiness is really understanding that we are in charge of our own happiness. You playsuit is so cute. You look gorgeous♥

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    8th December 2015

    This is such a beautiful post. Love all your examples of happiness. And the photos are gorgeous!

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings