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It’s been a little quiet around here lately, hasn’t it. And I really can’t be sorry about it, as it’s been a consciously quiet couple of weeks for me. Whilst I’ve been wanting to take this space more seriously; regularly producing interesting content, filled with high quality imagery and museful writing. Whilst I thought I’d head North to my family home in Birmingham and spend the holidays snapping away; blogging my way, everyday to the end of the year. Whilst my plan was to charge full pelt at 2016 – camera in one hand and work-ethic in the other – upon arriving at my parent’s place on Christmas Eve a slower and gentler philosophy settled in my bones. 

Sometimes returning to a place you know well, just reminds you how long ago you left, how far you’ve since wandered and how changed you’ve become. Whilst you’ve been away forging your own path, there’s an empty road left behind you and travelling back down it, you cannot help but reflect. I always find this to be the case with Birmingham. Plus there’s the added nature of this season. What with Christmas, spending time with family, returning to one’s place of birth; that sense of time and New Year, of death and birth and journeys. Maybe I’m just the sort of person who internalizes everything and thinks to much, but I not sure how anyone can fail to think a little deeper as the year closes. 

Still this was the first year that Matt and I decided to alternate between our families at Christmas and so time with them becomes increasingly precious to me. We’re at an odd point in our family, where once Christmases were routinely always the same growing up, there’s now the sense we’re coming to the end of an era. With new beginnings, come concluding chapters; which are as bitter as they are sweet. But with nothing on my schedule – nowhere to be and nothing to do – I set about simply being and soaking up every minute of these precious “in between” days and last Christmas as I knew it. 

Now I’m back in Cornwall and the 2016 is almost upon us. And although I have very few photos to show for myself, I thought I ought to say something, as I believe the coming year could be an exciting one. Although right now I am somewhat befuddled and erratic; trying to ensure I’ve answered all outstanding emails, updated Instagram and sufficiently covered everything in my coming week’s “to do” list. Between restocking my fridge shelf, hoovering my room and unpacking all my suitcases – I’ve been beginning to work towards something bigger. Something I am reluctant to mention here for fear of setting myself up for failure, but I think I’ll say it anyway…

In the new year I plan to go freelance with my photography, writing, blogging and styling (well styling for Ben at least). I realise self-employment isn’t much of a step from unemployment, but hey ho, here goes nothing. Still as part of this, I’ll be doing sponsored sidebar adverts again – so drop me an email if you’d be interested in that. Also you may see an increase in the amount of sponsored content on here, but please be reassured it’s nothing I wouldn’t write about or feature anyway. Alternatively it may go quieter here as I focus my energies on business logistics or other work that’s not being featured online. Either way please bare with and wish me luck!


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    Rachel Elizabeth

    31st December 2015

    That is so exciting Alex! I am hoping to be saying a similar thing at the end of 2016, putting things in place to follow my dreams and do what I actually love. Well done you for being so brave! I look forward to seeing what you do this year on here!


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    1st January 2016

    I am so incredibly excited for you Alex. I cannot wait to see what you do this year and what 2016 brings you. Well done for putting your dreams first. Lots of luck!! xx

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    1st January 2016

    Very excited for you – looking forward to discussing your plans this weekend! I'm positive you're going to have an amazing 2016 🙂 x


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    Emily S (Em Busy Living)

    1st January 2016

    Happy New Year to you! I hope 2016 is a really great one for you, and I'm all about you finding your way to self-employment through sponsored posts and the like. Do what you have to do for you and people who enjoy following along will understand.