First Surf of the Season

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Although conditions weren’t perfect on Saturday, the sun was shining, Matt had a new body board to test out and well, it is one of my new resolutions to get out into the waves and surf at every available opportunity. So we loaded up the motorbike and side car (adding the kayak into the mix in case the surf really was too small) and then headed down to Kennack.

Despite having been apart for a week, it felt much more like a month so we spent most of the time sat on the old stone wall chatting and just being together. Later joined by some of the National Trust’s grass chomping ponies we basked in the late winter sun and eventually (upon realizing we had half an hour left) quickly headed into the surf. It was at this point I realised I had hole in my wetsuit at the point where my back meets my butt – so it really was a quick surf! Still it was a great first day back in the water as well as great first day back in Cornwall!


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    Lisa Sherwood

    12th January 2014

    No wetsuit feet!!! Eeek!!!
    Lovely photography. I miss those waves.

    Lisa x

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    Alex Barker

    12th January 2014

    Lol! No, my partner wears a pair but I don't really feel the need. I prefer to walk around barefoot in general – so I think maybe I don't have the requisite number of nerves in my toes or maybe I just don't notice the cold any more! Who knows! x

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    Dulcie Horn

    13th January 2014

    Brrrrrrr you're brave! x

    La Dulcie Vita
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    Alex Barker

    13th January 2014

    Thanks but I'm really not. Normally my wetsuit keeps me super warm – the tear made Saturday the exception – so I was in and out pretty sharpish. My partner tends to wear wetsuit gloves + boots (cause he's not as hardcore 😉 ) but when we went in December he had to take off his wetsuit gloves because he got too hot! It's amazing how warm these things keep you! x

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    16th January 2014

    You took some great photos of your little trip! Well you definitely are hardcore! 🙂 Thank you for your link on the bloggers chat! xx Catherine