Last Days on the Lizard

It’s my last week in Cornwall, deadlines are done with and I’ve been gagging to get out onto some footpaths or meander the side streets if St Ives – but weather has been pretty mizzle-erable. Still lady luck struck on Tuesday and I woke up to find the sun was shining, the sky was blue and Kernow was glorious!

So Matt and I loaded our boards onto his side-car and hit Kennack beach. After a few hours of playing in the waves we headed back to his place, showered down and had a comforting lunch of cheesy toasted sandwiches. Afterwards he briefly attempted to teach me to chop wood – sadly I am not half the lumberjack he is! So we headed on out on MZ, ended up in the woods and walked it’s crunchy, golden corridors as the sun set… oh dear great outdoors I am going to miss you