Farewell Falmouth!

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I’m not sure there’s anything I don’t like about Espressini; an artisan espresso bar within walls more like a studio, that treats brewing more like an alchemy and coffee more like a craft. Not to mention the mismatched furniture, chandeliers, window seats and beautiful chalk-board word lettering. There are few places I would rather spend a rainy afternoon in Falmouth. So since this would be my last afternoon here in 2013 – and it was certainly rainy – Matt and I headed into this Aladdin’s cave of caffeine on Killigrew Street.

And we were not disappointed. I had a Costa Rican Americano and he had a Kenyan Burnt Caramel. Both were faultless. We sipped these in the front of the Kilibrew Room, people watching and discussing plans for the festive season. This year we’ll both be enjoying the holidays with our respective families but will be reunited to celebrate the New Year. Still for those few hours we were cosy, coffee-ed up and dreaming of Christmas in the candlelight.

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Time to drink up and head home… Got any special plans for Christmas or New Year’s coming up?


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    Amy Liddell

    20th December 2013

    How gorgeous are all of these photos? Looks lovely!


    • Reply

      On Serpentine Shores

      20th December 2013

      Thanks so much! xxx