On Serpentine Shores is a Cornwall based creative studio, offering events design, art direction and editorial styling.

Alexandra Holyer

Stylist. Designer. Writer.

After growing up in a big city I moved to the sea in search of a simpler, slower way of life. Here I began documenting my day-to-day; sharing what life was like on these serpentine shores.

To me styling is a form of storytelling

Expressing ideas through imagery, objects, events and spaces. Style is the abstract made material.

From the blog

life on these serpentine shores

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My philosophy

A Bit About Me

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My philosophy is a slow and simple one. I believe in living with intention; mindful to the world and the people I share it with. 

Naturally (pun intended) this influences the work I do. Both in aesthetic as well as practically. Whenever styling an event I’m conscious of keeping it as local and sustainable as possible. As well as designing an event that connects people to the natural world. Providing a style that is organic and understated; earthy and calm; natural, muted and wild in tone.

When it comes to commercial projects, I love styling and providing art direction for brands with an ethical or environmental focus. Pulling together imagery and editorials that explore slowing down, gathering together and living sustainably. This same focus is present in my day to day life too; working from a home studio powered by solar energy and heated by hedgerow firewood. 

For details on the styling and design services I provide for weddings, visit my services page. For more on the art direction, editorial styling and creative consulting I do with brands get in touch.