Our Wedding :: Something Foraged

The Afternoon
On the blog, I felt – after that week – a brief detour from all things wedding-related was due. Instead a little interlude and life update seemed more appropriate. But now (post-Trump grump over) it’s perhaps safe to resume where we left off with the wedding. So where were…

Little Lionheart

“There’s Bravery in Being Soft”
Autumn has been stunning in Cornwall. And looking back it’s been a beautiful but bittersweet few months. Our days filled with both joyful highs and aching lows. There’s been birthdays and baking days; canoe trips on the Helford and bonfires in the field. We’ve gathered…

Our Wedding :: Something New

The Ceremony
After a morning of kayaking, Matt and his groomsmen came to site to set up for the ceremony. Weather permitting we planned to hold it in Kestle Barton’s orchard; laying out our aisle in the open air, between their rows of apple trees. Lucky for us the weather…

Our Wedding :: Something Old

Getting Ready
On September 17th 2016 Matt and I got married.
I woke up early that morning. To sunshine and birdsong; to bare wooden beams above me and a big white bathtub beside me. All alone in a huge cloud of a double bed, in Kestle Barton’s Howthere, thinking what a…

October Child

Autumn Equinox
We’re home from Ireland now and it’s October. Month of my birth. Moon of the hunter, of the harvest. Month of Scorpio, tourmaline, jasper and opal. In these weeks the earth chills, spiders spin webs, the leaves turn and we in turn reach for woolly jumpers. For scarves…