Our Wedding :: Something Blue

Food, Cake, Music & Merriment
As the evening drew nigh we gathered into the marquee. Air still warm, hanging candles lighted; my shoes off and feet bare by this point. The faces of everyone I loved around me; chatting and smiling and leaning in to giggle with people they’d just…

Our Wedding :: Something Foraged

The Afternoon
On the blog, I felt – after that week – a brief detour from all things wedding-related was due. Instead a little interlude and life update seemed more appropriate. But now (post-Trump grump over) it’s perhaps safe to resume where we left off with the wedding. So where were…

Little Lionheart

“There’s Bravery in Being Soft”
Autumn has been stunning in Cornwall. And looking back it’s been a beautiful but bittersweet few months. Our days filled with both joyful highs and aching lows. There’s been birthdays and baking days; canoe trips on the Helford and bonfires in the field. We’ve gathered…