Small Joys

The simple things
My word! These past few weeks have been so sunny and busy and dizzyingly wonderful, in a disorientating but joy-filled and oh-my-word-summer-is-coming kind of way. There’s been photoshoots and creative projects to-boot, that’ve had me driving over 800 miles and working more than just one 12 hour…

Shores Supper Club :: Feast Night & Wild Camping

I’m rather excited to announce, that this June Alex from The Cornish Table and I will be hosting our first supper club event together. Hopefully, the first of many to come! The evening will involve a seasonal, alfresco three-course meal, alongside a bonfire and night of camping under the stars….

To the Sea

We walked the shoreline. On the edge of this island. Stopping to pick and skim, pebbles and stones; rocks and shells. To throw and drop into pockets. Dipping hands into rockpools, water rising up to meet our fingertips. Cold and clear, webbed and weedy. Smooth to touch and shiny-wet….