On Serpentine Shores is a Cornwall based collection of thoughts, stories and photography.

Alexandra Holyer

Writer. Photographer. Stylist.

After growing up in a big city I moved to the sea in search of a simpler, slower way of life. Here I began documenting my day-to-day; sharing what life was like on these serpentine shores.

I Have Always Liked Quiet People

you never know if they're carrying the weight of the world or dancing in a daydream

- John Green

My philosophy

A Bit About Me

. . .

My philosophy is a slow and simple one.


I believe in living with intention; mindful to the world and the people I share it with. Naturally (pun intended) this influences as much as possible my lifestyle choices as well as the work I do. Both in focus and in practice; in the aesthetic and design as well as in the logistics of carrying it out.

Day to day I work from a home studio powered by solar energy and heated by hedgerow firewood. I’m conscious of keeping waste to a minimum and buying locally when I can. But equally, I hold these intentions in balance with the understanding there’s often no entirely ethical solution.

For details on the services I provide visit my page. For more on the creative consulting and styling I do with brands please get in touch.